Install Upscope

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I installing this code?

This code allows Upscope to enable co-browsing on all pages it is installed on.

The code will not affect your website in any way and no user will notice anything until an agent starts co-browsing with them.

Co-browsing is a screen sharing solution built in javascript.

Can Upscope be used without javascript installation?

Yes, you can use Upscope without installing it by making use of our proxy.

Adding the javascript code to your site will allow you to co-browse with any online user without them needing to reload the page or go to a different website.

Will this slow down my website?

No, Upscope is loaded after everything else on your website so it will not slow anything down for your users.

No data is transferred until a co-browsing session is initiated.

Is Upscope secure?

Yes, Upscope is used in production safely by large enterprises and financial institutions around the world.

You can learn more about our security at

Can Upscope handle my website's traffic?

Upscope regularly sees websites with several thousands active users online.

There is automatic throttling in place and a limit of 5 thousand connected users per account. If you need the limit to be increased please contact us.

If your website hits our limits we'll get in touch and let you know.

Where do I install Upscope?

You will need to add Upscope to all pages you want co-browsing to be available on.

You can paste the code anywhere on the page.

Can I install Upscope with Google Tag Manager or Segment?

We reccomend adding the code directly on the webpage as it will guarantee Upscope doesn't get blocked by ad-blocking extensions and it will make the experience faster.

However, if you don't have access to the webpage code and want to quickly test Upscope, you can install it through Segment or Google Tag Manager in just a few minutes.

Where can I learn more about Upscope?

You can learn more about Upscope at